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Owl cut storage container ingredient love

Owl cut storage container ingredient love

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Discover the beautiful and practical storage containers from Eulenschnitt made of borosilicate glass with an acacia wood lid.

The Glass consists high quality and durable borosilicate glass . You will be with one Acacia wood lid delivered engraved with the handwritten saying "The most important ingredient is always love". borosilicate glass is a very strong material dishwasher safe and to 1 00% recyclable . Eulenschnitt's lids are coming off untreated acacia wood Manufactured so that each lid is unique and unique in its structure. A silicone ring for airtight sealing is of course also included.

This makes storing and sorting even more fun!

approx. 16.5 x 22.5 cm

borosilicate glass
Acacia wood lid

Care instructions:
All borosilicate glasses are dishwasher safe
The acacia wood lid with only one wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately so that the wood does not warp.
Of course, like any other piece of wood, you can oil the lid before using it for the first time to protect the lid from traces of grease. However, that is a matter of taste.

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