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ExcluJess Handmade Citronella Tin Candle

ExcluJess Handmade Citronella Tin Candle

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This unique Candle is not only environmentally friendly, but also handy to annoying mosquitoes keep away while relaxing outdoors.

ExclusiveJess Candles are made of high quality soy wax that is made from natural resources is gained. Burns compared to traditional paraffin based candles soy wax slower and smoother, what an impressive burn time from more than 28 hours allows. The scent the candle is fresh and citrusy , creating an invigorating atmosphere. Enjoy the refreshing scent from Citrus fruits that creates a pleasant and energizing mood.

It contains no animal ingredients and is produced without animal testing.

Discover the benefits of the 100% biodegradable soy wax candle with Lemon pieces that not only appeal to your senses but also protect the environment. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a relaxing and mosquito-free time outdoors.

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